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Holiday Open 2005 Results

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Winners Staff and Setup  Tourney Pics The Party


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Event 1st 2nd 3rd
AB Draw Div I

Billy Melton, Alfred Suarez

Bill Melton, Mike Regan

Kelly Cameron, Pat Gainey
AB Draw Div II

Wayne Harris, Phil Railsback

Danny Green, Lewis Bailey

Erik Snider, Pam Martin
Pro Singles

Darrol Nelson

Bill Melton

Mike Taylor
Div I Singles

Dave Shewbridge

Doug Paben

David Sexton
Div II Singles

Robert Hoffman

Jason Miller

Jeanine Carmack
4 Person Bring Team
Add to 7

Jeri Williams, Drew Willingham, Kim Lawther, Lewis Bailey

Ronnie Gamble, Joyce Gamble, Roy Boll, Harvey Walden

Doug Paben, Charles Peltier, Cliff Visel, Kyle White

4 Person Bring Team
 Add to 11

Harold Gandy, Glen Calhoun, Charlie McDonough, Richard Wiley

Paul Keith, George Marx, Gordon Titus, Darryl Luedke

Bruce Childers, Cynthia Calderon, Daniel Gray, Chuck Leach

6 Person Draft Team

Diana Hagen, Dave Shewbridge, Jimmy Britt, Erik Snider, Joyce Gorman, Jackie Trotter

Dale Williams, Harvey Walden, Lynda French, Jason Miller, Pam Martin, Greg Gray

Dave Ramold, Alfred Suarez, Lewis Bailey, Danny Green, Linda Anthony, Dezi Brooks
Pro Bring Partner

Dann Hitt, James Cummings

Bobby Voorhis, Linda Nobles

David Williams Jr, Drew Willingham
Div II Bring Partner
Add to 3

Cliff Visel, Craig White

Bob Lee, Joe Parish

George Marx, Richard Becerra
DivIII Bring Partner  Add to 6
Jesse Luehr, Erik Snider

Larry Ables, Neil Rodrigue

Roy Boll, Tracy Forline

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